Welcome to Sandgate Road…

Sandgate Road is, as the name suggests, a road. It is not, as the name less accurately suggests, in Sandgate.

As well as being a road (or perhaps to be more semantically correct, a street), Sandgate Road (hereafter abbreviated to SGR) is a handsome brick house set a safe distance back from SGR (the street).

On top of being a street and a house (and this is where it gets deep/clever/confusing/to-the-point-where-you-stop-reading) SGR is the group of fellow who live therein and thereon (or vice versa).

Essentially, it’s SGR, not SGR or SGR that really makes SGR SGR.

If you ring SGR there’s about a one in seven chance that the person answering the phone will say:

“Hello, Sandgate Road, XXXX speaking…”,

Or if XXXX isn’t home:

“Good morning, Sandgate Road…”,

or something like that.

If this happens to you, mention this entry to receive a free back issue of the Sydney Morning Herald.

Anyhue, (preferably magenta) enough of my syntactically questionable ramblings, I’ve got legitimate work to do,




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