Ask Dr Aunty Joan…

Well, we’ve had a massive bundle of mail this week, generally positive response to the opening of SGR, mostly saying how much better we are then other sites such as Google or Ebay or NSW Health. Between comments of your experiences with Lipton’s new teas (no word from Lipton as of yet), and requests for future posts, a few of you asked our advice on some of life’s little troubles. Wise though we pretend to be, I felt as if we needed some outside help so I gave my Dr Aunty Joan a call and she was more than happy to put down her crossword and delicious cup of Lipton’s Cherry-Cola Tea to come and offer her years of experience as a doctor and an aunty to you.

Here’s our first letter:

Dear SGR guys,
My name is Timmy and I’m four and three quarters. I read your stories and liked them. Mummy says I can’t make myself a cup of tea because I’m too little but Mummy and Daddy tried a packet of Thai Green Curry Tea and thought it was yummy.

You all seem very smart, can I ask you a question? [ED – YES, CERTAINLY] Thankyou [ED – YOU’RE WELCOME] my friend Sue said that if you watch too much TV you will get square eyes, I don’t watch very much TV (only Playschool, Spot, and Question Time in the House of Representatives) but I do like to watch all the clothes in the washing machine. Do you think I might get big round eyes?

I love you,

Little Timmy.

And Dr Aunty Joan writes…

Hello Little Timmy,

Wow! What an exciting question! Firstly, your friend Sue is quite right. If you watch too much TV, is has been shown to give you square eyes, or ‘ocular cubosis’ as we Aunty Doctors call it. As for watching all the clothes in the washing machine (which is great fun), there hasn’t been as much research in this area. A few studies have shown that kiddies who like to read get huge ugly goopey eyes and don’t make many friends, so don’t try this.
What I suggest is that you try to balance out you TV watching with your Washing Machine watching. If your mummy is a bit worried, maybe she could get a top-loader, or even a twin-tub. The boys here at SGR have a twin-tub and they call it all sorts of nasty names, maybe she could have that one.
Anyway I hope this helps,
Stay away from the naughty boys,

Love, Dr Aunty Joan.

Dr Aunty Joan will be in once a week to answer any questions you always wanted to ask a doctor or an Aunty, but never did. If you have a question for her, reply to this message and we’ll get back to you.

Tom and Dr Aunty Joan.


One thought on “Ask Dr Aunty Joan…”

  1. Dear Aunty Joan, I have been working on a wonderful new skill – propelling myself along the floor on my behind. I have been practising in private and can now get up quite a speed. The problem is, whenever I do this, people laugh at me and tell me to stop. Are they just jealous, or is this some sort of secret sign language?Puzzled Monty, Strathfield.


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