Happy Holidays Dan…

Well, things are a little blue at SGR this week (no, I’m not referring to Jono’s shower-to-bedroom nudie runs), one of our number has left for Europe. Dan (of thebirm.blogspot.com) who has been with SGR since the beginning (all of two and a half weeks) has left for France for ten weeks (a period we are dubbing ‘the weeks without Weekes’).

We were going to declare ‘the weeks without Weekes’ a study/assignment free period but since this was likely to be the case anyway, we are just eating a lot of french fries, french toast, croissants, and Belgian waffles (with French vanilla ice-cream).

Anyway, Dan, we hope you have a top time, rapportez-nous du fromage,


PS: Jono doesn’t really do nudie runs: that was just a joke.


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