Lamb has to be the most delicious meat there is. No questions, no comments, the judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Lamb has all the reddy goodness of beef, the tenderness of chicken and the gamey flavour of all those other meats that you wonder if you’re actually supposed be eating.

Lamb is the only meat that is also a term of endearment and it can be halal or kosher.

So put down that chicken drumstick, that pork chop, that soy vege-burger, that roast beef. Send back that slice of an inferior animal! Raise up your voices and shout very loudly: “No ma’am, I want some Lamb.”

Come on Australia, let your mouths to the talking, eat some lamb today.

Here’s a song about that:

It’s cheap!

It’s sheep!

It’s a slam!

Have some lamb!

Anyway, just like a bad pilot heading for a public library, I’m about to hit the books. But before I do, a quick reminder that the SGR Seminar on procrastination has been postponed, apologies for the inconvenience.




2 thoughts on “Lamb”

  1. In my new position as master of the Choir of Westminster Cathedral, I have been searching for new material that will embody the feelings of the members of the modern choir. We have been working on the lyric “It’s cheap/It’s sheep/It’s a slam/Have some lamb” over Allegri’s famous “Miserere Mei” with a boy soprano, and we are now preparing to perform it publicly at the British Choral Festival, and perhaps record it. Just wondering who I should forward the royalties to.


  2. hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa as always tom your humour astounds me. how are things at SGR anyways? take care and see you soon.d


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