State of Serenity

What a week it’s been! For the last six days I’ve been living it up in Queensland at the 26th World Congress of the International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics, and what a congress it was! Rubbing shoulders with the Who’s Who of Speech Pathology (or is that “Who’s whom”?) and enjoying the wonderous Brisbane.

May I say what a beautiful town Brisbane is? It was simply spectacular, if you’ve never been, go! If you have been but not in the last little while, go again! If you’re lucky enough to live there, open your window and shout out something wonderous and subtropical!

Anyhue (preferably indigo), I must end now. The world is an amazing place.

PS As my esteemed friend and house mate Dan pointed out in a recent reply, no body seems to be replying to entries! Does this mean nobody’s reading them? It’s really not that hard, folks! You’ll find comprehensive instruction on the right of screen. Talk to me!!

I’m Tom of SGR, Goodnight.


One thought on “State of Serenity”

  1. Dear Tom, I hope you enjoyed your stay with us in the supposed sunny Queensland (even though it was not so sunny while you were here).Your company was certainly enjoyed by all especially by mum (Lyn) who still cannot stop talking about the comical things you did and said &20%40%8%which is an achievement believe me). Mum still gets mileage out of the twin-tub story. If you are ever in Bris-Vagus (as us locals like to call it) please feel free to drop by.Love from, Ken, Lyn, Bel & Molly (the Wednesday sock, stapler & toothbrush thief).


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