Too much tea!

Regulars here at SGR might be aware of our interest in tea. See entries on 17th and 25th of June, 2004. Last week, as I reorganised the kitchen cupboards, I decided to put all the teas in one place. In doing this, I made a startling discovery. We have a lot of tea. I mean A LOT of tea. Just a second… [TOM REACHES FOR HIS THESAURUS] … We have a SURFEIT of tea in this place.

I discussed this with the lads and we came to the surmise [TOM KEEPS HIS THESAURUS HANDY] that none of us can pass up a bargain and the supermarkets keep putting the darn stuff on special. Nevertheless, we now have a gamut of hot beverage alternatives and excellent tea-erudition to match. So I thought I might enumerate all the teas we dominate and engender a few benevolent heeds. For those of you who abhor tea, I’ve mentioned a couple of biscuits in there too.

The SGR Tea List:

  • Dilmah Loose leaf Tea: This is our only loose leaf tea. Since pot tea is usually my preference I tend to choose this one. It is a lovely Ceylon tea, your classic cuppa.
  • Dilmah English Afternoon Tea: A refreshing, less intense flavour. Very Soothing.
  • Lipton Black tea: Your classic tea. Nothing special yet always a winner.
  • Tetley All-rounder: A rich, strong, delicious cuppa. Perfect for first thing in the morning.
  • Twinings Ceylon Orange Pekoe Tea: Again, a delicious refreshing cuppa. Never fails to satisfy.
  • Tetley TeaPlus Balancing: Moving away from the classic teas now, TeaPlus is Tetley’s refreshing taste with a hint of fennel and lime flower. It is also low in caffeine. Perfect for an evening tea.
  • Vital Organic Rooibos Tea: a new favourite here at SGR. This South African “Red Tea” is excellent for the digestive system and is also beneficial for allergy sufferers. With delicious earthy flavours and being naturally caffeine free, Rooibos is one of the few herbal teas that can be enjoyed with (or without) milk. Perfect at the end of a long day. Try it!
  • Lipton Caramel flavoured Black Tea: See the “New Tasty Teas” entry from Thursday June 17 2004.
  • Twinings Lapsang Souchong Tea: See the “Watch out for some disturbing teas!” entry from Friday June 25 2004.
  • Twinings Lemon Scented: Bracing flavour; black tea with a twist of lemon.
  • Twinings Lemon Twist: Bracing flavour; black tea with the scent of lemon.
  • Lipton Green Tea – Jasmine: Aromatic green teas. Personally not a fan of green tea, but I’d make a cup of this just to smell it.
  • Nerada Organic Green Tea – Earl Grey: Green Tea with Earl Grey’s distinctive bergamot flavour. Personally I prefer your classic Earl, but, whatever floats ya boat.
  • Arnott’s Chocolate Scotch Finger Biscuits: Fun and ambrosial. Following a blind taste test carried out by Jono and myself, we concluded that Arnott’s Choc Scotch Fingers are significantly nicer than Home Brand’s.
  • Arnott’s Monte Carlo: Artificially fruity and sickeningly sweet – one of the best biscuits ever.

We yearn that this has been affable, heuristic and mirthy. We hanker any animadversion or plaudits.

Fergusson, R. (2001). The Penguin A-Z Thesaurus. Penguin Book Ld: St Ives.


One thought on “Too much tea!”

  1. Ahh – a cup of tea! Love my cup of tea! My Dad loves his cups of tea (not really very partial to earl grey though)! Mum drinks tea sometimes but she much prefers coffee. Do you think that the preference for tea or coffee is related to a genetic trigger in our tastebuds? I have wondered this many times- for I really do enjoy a good cup of tea – where with coffee – I could take it or leave it – not that fussed. I have many fond childhood memories related to cups of tea. We would go to Grandma’s and she would serve up the tea in this very special teapot that was in the shape of a bird. The little sugar pot and milk jugs were also in the shape of little birds. The milk jug was my favourite because when you poured the milk – it came out of the bird’s mouth! Anywho – when I was younger I would also have a cup of tea with Grandma. In my mind it was a cup of tea – realistically it was probably milk with hot water in it and I would add lots and lots of sugar to! Unfortunately – I don’t recall the brand name of the tea. Grandma was an absolute tea lover! I don’t have any such memories of coffee…A great tea to try, and I am a little partial to it myself, is peppermint tea. It is simple, just serve black and it also smells so good. My older sister has been an inspiration to me to try new teas. She likes some interesting ones… I don’t think she really drinks much of the “regular” tea though. I wonder how that goes with the genetic questioning?As for the biscuits – go the gingernuts! Otherwise another great accompaniment to a nice regular (Tetley’s is my favourite) tea, or the peppermint tea now I think about it is – the doughnut! Iced or cinnamon it doesn’t really make any difference! Anyway after thinking about all this tea – I might go put the kettle on.Have a great dayN :}


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