Ads on SGR

“What’s this?”, I hear you say (I have acute hearing), “Ads on SGR? I thought SGR was like the ABC!”

Well we WERE like the ABC: quality content, something for everybody, satisfactory coverage of Parliment Question Time… But things change, Richard Morecroft leaves, Playschool goes all pinko, Bananas in Pyjamas get beaten by the Wiggles, the Bill gets all NYPD Blue… Havoc!

That’s why I’ve decided to bite the bullet, sell my soul and smear the good name of SGR with the putrid smelly dung that is advertising. I’m sure it won’t be all bad though, joining the ranks of commercialism has done wonders for plenty, why, look at Shaun Micallef, Good News Week, Heartbeat…

Here’s how it all happened …

[impressive wiggly cross-fade with xylophones to Tom thinking to himself]

… I was sitting thinking about how to spruce up SGR a little – I mean I couldn’t give is a fresh coat of paint or bring in a pot plant, unfortunatly such are the ways of the WWW. Then I struck apon an idea. Advertising!
I said to myself, I said Tom, I said Tom, what we need is some trendy ads across the screen like they have on them fancy sites like Yahoo and such. And that’s how it all began.

I marched into the Blogspot HQ and demanded answers. The lady gave me a whole lot of gargage about doing it ‘online’, and I said I didn’t care for her hi-tech babbling and she through me out onto the street. Unluckily for me, the street was four stories down.

To cut a long story short, I read the first chapter of ‘The Hobbit’ and asked my mum how it ended. Just a quick tip there.

Anyhue, a bit of fancy HTMLing here, some crying there and SGR has ads. So impressed with the ambiance it beheld was I, that I slapped on a Google Search Bar! Then I spent the rest of the afternoon searching for myself on the internet. It turn’s out I was a trooper in colonial NSW!

What do you think? Do the ads make SGR look like the MCG (in that there’s advertising on it, not in that it will host the 2006 Commonwealth Games – for those who haven’t heard, we lost our bid).

Let me know, leave a message after you hear the tone.


One thought on “Ads on SGR”

  1. I think the ads on SGR make it so much better.Mention this entry to receive a free small fries with any burger or muffin purchase at MacDonalds. I’m Lovin’ It! (c)


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