Up the Coast

“Ah ha,” I hear you muttering to yourselves in a sarcastic manner, “So you ARE still on the face of this earth.”

Well yes I am, and finally able to access the internet in relative privacy – the Coff Harbour Hospital Library. For the last three weeks and for the next two, I was and am on prac in delightful Coff Harbour. It’s a lovely place, beaches, trees, houses, people etc. I’m sure you get the picture. I haven’t been able to see the Big Banana and I’ve only been to the beach once. In fact, all three weekends so far I’ve spent out of town. So I don’t feel like I can sit here with any real authority and give advice on the subject. Still, it never stopped me before…

Anyway, I’d better go, I don’t know how much further I can push the definition of ‘lunch-hour’. I just wanted to let you all know that I was safe and that the humourous little tit-bits will be back anon.

Love Tom.

PS – Mum, Rove said to say hi.


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