New look SGR…

The very astute among you, especially those not reading from the feed will have noticed a change to the place.
Yes, well, I woke up one morning and just hated everything! The poo-green and orange colour scheme just wasn’t working for me anymore.
I mentioned my little pickle to the lads from Backyard Blitz.
“Jamie”, I said to the host, Jamie Durie, “Jamie, mate, I’m in something of a pickle. I run an obscure little blog, I’m colour blind, and have the fashion intuition of a quail.” Jamie looked back at me with an air of superiority and pointed out that quails keep very stylish nests. I suspected he was pulling my leg. Still, he was a famed circus performer turned backyard renovator turned circus performing show host, and I could scarce afford to lose his respect.
“Nests, maybe, but I hardly think a quail could manage to maintain a blog!” I quipped with witty smugness that would have made Oscar Wilde green with jealousy (asuming he had not already turned green with the natural process of decomposition).
At this point Jamie directed me to the blog of Gareth the quail ( ), his air of superiority not thinning a Pascal. Of coarse I had no choice then but to beat him senseless. When the paramedics finally intervened, Jamie apologised and accepted his share of the blame. He shook my hand and waved goodbye as the ambulance took me to intensive care.

Well, I figured out how to change the colour scheme myself, and tidy the place up a little. You never know when the Queen might pop by (see my next podcast for more).

Stay classy, Blogaroonies

Love Tom.