Strictly speaking

In Australia, there are two different signs: “No Parking” and “Strictly No Parking”.

This is clearly stupidity at work in our community.

What does it mean? That they’re not being strict when they just say “No Parking”? Are they saying, “You can’t park here, but we’re willing to be flexible”? This is very confusing. Which signs are being strict and which ones aren’t? Has anybody ever seen a “Strictly Stop” sign, or a “Strictly Newcastle 74km” sign? Of coarse not, if something’s been printed on a sign, I’m inclined to believe it, I don’t need the sign itself to convince me of its own validity.

I assume Ambulances and Fire Trucks can park where ever they want, so even “Strictly No Parking” isn’t strictly ‘strictly’. Are there pseudo-emergencies that get to ignore “No Parking”, unless it’s “strictly” prefaced?

It seems to me that they’re tring to appeal to all the miscrients and deviants who would otherwise park illegally, saying “Now we really mean it this time…” What’s the point of having a rule that says, “You have to obey this rule”? If somebody is going to break the “no parking” sign, are they going to take notice of a “strictly no parking” sign? What’s the next step “Seriously Strictly No Parking”? The only thing they will accomplish here is to desensitise us to signs that don’t tell us we have to obey them. And it will be a sad world when the road signs need to tell us whether or not we can disregard them.

Actually the only thing more disturbing than the existence of “Stictly No Parking Signs” is the plethora of “Sticktly No parking Signs” you can see at service stations and on people’s driveways. They might as well have a sign up saying “I’m an idiot”. Who goes to all the trouble of making a sign without checking the spelling. And it’s not an essay, how long does it take to proofread three words? Get the spelling right, it’s a sign, not a blog!

This has been a rant by,

Tom of the Close.
(strictly not an idiot)


One thought on “Strictly speaking”

  1. Life, Liberty and a Tank of GasThe day after President Bush pleaded with Americans to be prudent in their use of energy, Nestor Zabala pulled into a Baltimore gas station and ignored the commander in chief, topping off the tank of his Honda …this is the best that I have ever seen! I am never going back to the old way.


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