…Just a few more minutes

So apparently even iPods like to sleep in.

After a few days off it was back to work with me. Because I’m the kind of feller who, when on holidays, likes to pretend work doesn’t even exist, I was required to call in to the office before heading out to my final destination. That makes for a lot of driving – all up, roughly three hours in the car today. It also makes for a very early morning. Nevertheless, when “Uptown Girl” issued forth from my timepiece, I lept to action and was dressed and ready to go before you could say the entire New Testament in Klingon. I crept into the study and removed my iPod from my computer in the usual fashion. The computer disconnected itself from the iPod, but evidently, the iPod just wasn’t ready to go. It still had “Do Not Disconnect” firmly displayed on its screen. Eventually I shut the computer down and unplugged the iPod, but this did not do the trick. It wasn’t ready to get up. “Do Not Disconnect,” it repeated, bolder than ever. I tried holding down buttons – nothing. Finally I just had to take it with me in the hope that it would come to its senses on the road. But it never did. Almost two hours later, it was still of the firm belief that it was connected to my computer. “Do Not Disconnect,” it said – great, I have an MP3 player with separation anxiety. Four hours later we had made some progress. My iPod had forgiven me for getting it up at such an unholy hour and given up the charade of still being attached to something. My jubilations were short-lived. All that excitment had worn the little guy out and all I could summon from it was a fading grey outline of a battery icon. Grim. I had to make do with NXFM‘s Carly and Grover for my return trip. Well, I carried the little guy up from the car, back into the study and reunited it with its USB cable. When it was feeling a little better and some colour had returned to its battery logo, we had a little chat about what I expected out of it. Some tears were shed, but things between us are now much better. I am expecting much better behaviour out of the little tike for my second day back at work.

Please post a reply telling me, in ten million words or less, how technology has let you down. Or you could just say hi. But have a great day whatever happens, won’t you?.



SGR has moved…

To say that I haven’t written anything here for five months and three days would be exaggerating. A little. But truth be told, I’ve been a little slack with the upkeep of this little corner of the WWW. SO I thought to myself, Tom, I said, Tom, why don’t we get back into blogging. Make a fresh start. Do it a couple of times a week like a good blogger should. Keep it up to date. Run a spell-check once in a while. And that is what I did. I have recommitted to the blog. A blog for the people. By me.

I also decided on a bit of a change of format. I thought I could make it a bit more journally, a bit more personal – where people could read about the real Tom. And to that end, I decided to have a name change. The spirit of SGR lives on, but under a different moniker. Today Tom Wrote is that rose by another name, so to speak, still smelling just as sweet. Sandgate Road will stay. (Perhaps I could bundle the entries into a paperback?) But the future of my bloggery can be found at TodayTomWrote.blogspot.com.

So hurry over, I’ve got the kettle on and a warm spot saved for you next to the fireplace. Bring with you all your fond memories of Dr Aunty Joan, geekery and hot beverages. Say your goodbyes to the old girl and I’ll see you there!