…Sunny Cairns

While my friends from the Southern states suffer in the mild-discomfort that is an Australian winter, I am pleased to send you warm hellos from tropical Far North Queensland. Hi. I have taken a couple of photos, but unfortunately I don’t have the necessary cordage to transfer them here. Hence, if you can see photos that look suspiciously like Cairns, then you can assume that I am home safe and have taken the time to transfer them here.
Tomorrow Anna and I are spending the morning ballooning, followed by a trip to Fitzroy Island. An account of the day will no doubt be much more entertaining and accurate if it a composed after the event, so you will just have to wait.
Anyhoo, glad to have this opportunity to let you know what’s going on.
Stay safe.



…my twitchy nose

I have a twitching nose. Is that normal? It’s not like an ‘I Dream of Jeanie’ twich, more like… You know when you get a twitchy eye? More like that except on my nose-bridge. It’s very annoying. Not to mention weird.