Wheelie bins – after

Here lies the remains of our two Wheelie bins. May they rest in peace…


8 thoughts on “Wheelie bins – after”

  1. That “I” should actually be an “It”. Not that I’m too fussed. But this way it looks like lots of people are commenting on my blog.Thanks anonymous.


  2. Why did you have a photo of the bins “before”? Who takes photos of their bins? Or is the “before” photo actually a simulation that was actually taken “after” with different bins?


  3. Hey, that’s a great question, Anonymous. Actually somebody of the same name already asked a very similar question in the Comments section of the other photo.Basically, no, I didn’t have a “before” picture lying about, it is mearly a piece of photographic “jjiggery-pokery” as the pros say.


  4. Don’t mention it. Actually, I now have half a mind to do a bit a photo catalogue of my home and contents – you never know when a before picture just might come in handy.


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