Maxell Ads

So I was sitting by myself and I found myself a-drifting back to days of yore. From somewhere deep in my brain – the central sulcus of my left occipital lobe to be precise – filed under ‘a’ for amusing, I came across some footage. It was a couple of old TV commercials for “cassette tapes” (the kids might need to Google that one). The premise was: a man mistakenly misheard the lyrics of a song – to humourous effect. If only he had heard the original song on a Maxell cassette.
Well, I said to myself, Thomas, this is the digital age. No longer are such obscure and bizarre memories confined to the ol’ grey-matter. What with the “Internet” and all, why, I bet I can locate a real-life copy of those very videos.
So I brewed myself a strong cup of the good stuff and summoned the Google forth. No less than five minutes later, I was re-living the merriment once more. And, such are the wondrous ways of the dubya-dubya-dubya, I am pleased to share the good times. Here, for the purposes of amusement and intimacy are the two pearls from the depths of my rememberings.

Night Kids,