Minus Two

Minus2The premise: My blog will go live shortly, and when it does people will come in their throngs (US= “flip-flops”) to this humble little corner of the interwebs and they shall read the newest entry, welcoming them to the next in a long line of my web-presences, they will smile awkwardly at my ignorant reference to the internet being like a filing cabinet, they will furrow their brows at my creative spelling of the word “ingeneous” and they will chuckle lightly on reading my joke about the elevator. But then what? Well, I suppose the very enthusiastic will leave some witty comment. And then? Then? Nothing. They will be all warmed up, ready for another amusing little snippet, but they will have nothing more to read.

Now, I have been accused in the past of being lazy and procrastinatory. I’m not saying this in an accusatory manner. If you’ve ever said to someone else, “Hey, there goes Tom, probably procrastinating, as is his wont” then I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable. It’s fair comment. There have been times when my preparation style could be called “last-minute”. But when the situation calls for it, I can be just as organised as the next man (or woman). You should have seen the list I made for the time I went to Port Macquarie in 2000. Four words: Com pre hen sive.

So I said to myself, Tom, the time has come to call on your powers of organisation. It would be wrong, I told myself, to run into this at top speed without some consideration. SoI sat down and mapped out a plan for the gradual unleashing of this site. About fifteen mintues into it I got bored and went and played Fisherman Sam for the rest of the afternoon, but not before coming up with the idea of padding out the back catalogue a bit by writing two pre-launch entries. This is the first. I hope you enjoyed it.



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