We’re still in pre-launch padding. That’s the trouble with counting down to something, you’re stuck with a finite number of numbers, and here we are jammed between minus one and zero, never a pleasant place to be. Suppose I had the urge to share something with you good folk. Would I be bound by my commitment to writing some auspicious “launch” entry to such an extent that I could not share some trivial little tit-bit in the meantime? Of course not, don’t be moronic.

Anna and I went on a bike ride. Two bike rides actually. About a week apart, on pretty much the same route. The difference? The first trip, my brake was stuck on, so I was totally exhausted by about half way through the trip. This time, thanks to my trusty screwdriver and an informative article I found on the internets on adjusting linear-pull braking systems, my brakes were working perfectly. And I enjoyed the ride immensely.

Turns out there’s a nice bike path that follows Throsby creek from Islington right around to Honeysuckle. From there, it’s a breeze to get out to Nobbys. I didn’t take my camera sadly, so you’ll have to take my word for it. Next time.



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