Podcasts and what to do with them

Who listens to commercial radio anymore? Let me tell you: people who don’t know about Podcasts.

Why should you flick around the old FM dial trying to find something palatable, something that ‘the man’ thinks you should be hearing, when all the time the Internets have a smorgasbord of entertainment ready for enjoyment. You can be your very own station manager, lining up your own list of programmes based on whatever you want to listen to. What interests you? Diving? Cooking? Developing for Linux? Tax Fraud? Saving the Whales? Hunting Whales? Etymology? Earning money from shares? Sharing money from urns? Whatever the subject, no matter how obscure, there’s a podcast about it.

Let’s say you were a keen taxidermist specialising in Australian native fauna, you’d probably be interested in the Skin-a-Marsupial Podcast. Suppose you were an Anglican Curate with a penchant for optics and lasers, well you’d love the Episcopalian Photonics Half-hour. Suppose you were a moron with half the intelligence of a demented in-bred toad, you’d be happy to know that the Daily Telegraph has a podcast.

Okay, now suppose that you were a normal sort of person, interested in music and popular culture, and were just trying to find something friendly, amusing and laid-back, something along the line of a group of lads having a chat. Guess what? There is a podcast for you. It is called Hello Mother Leopard and you can listen now at hellomotherleopard.com.

And now, the punchline:
Well, I’d better be going, Hamish and Andy starts at 5, and my drive home would be dull without them.