Birthday Wishes

Red Scarlet

Tomorrow I turn 26. Now don’t feel like you have to get me anything, seriously. Just having your readership is all the kind token I require, but just in case you wanted to get me something, I’ve compiled a list of a couple of things that I wouldn’t mind. Y’know, just in the off-chance that you were stuck for ideas…

  1. The BMW R1200R – A motorbike that is all attitude with no pretensions. Not unlike me in many ways.
  2. Red’s new Scarlet 3K Camera (my JVC is almost due for an upgrade)
  3. The Lexus LS Hybrid 08 – Because we’ve all got to do our bit for the environment
  4. A can of Dr Pepper (you can’t get that stuff here)R1200R
  5. A Bell 407 Helicopter – this would seriously cut down my commute
  6. A Saeco Primea Cappuccino Touch Plus – I do like a nice morning cuppa
  7. A Mitsubishi LaserVue laser TV – because there’s nothing that cannot be improved somehow with a laser

Well, now I’m stuck for ideas. Oh yes, I like anything with cashews in it and also anonymous donations to World Vision.

Love, peace and spaghetti,



One thought on “Birthday Wishes”

  1. hey T!
    just thought i’d help you out on the Dr Pepper front: if you go to Warner’s Bay to the store Bibinas (is that what it’s called? it’s in the industrial area and it’s a wholesale international food store) you can get Dr Pepper! and it’s cheaper than premium beer šŸ™‚
    on other news i turn 30 tomorrow!


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