Day 10: Loch LO-mond
Okay so, scamming some more McDonalds wifi, but this time the MacBook battery is flat, so I’m pecking out some notes from my iPhone.

We just stayed two nights in the most beautiful B&B. It was a gorgeous country house in a village called Fintry, half way between Glasgow and Loch Lomond (pronounced with emphasis on the “Lo”). Our hostess Meg was a wonderful Scottish lady who was extremely helpful and accompdating.

Yesterday we checked out the Glengoyne Distillery, alledgedly the most beautiful distillary in Scotland After a fasconating tour we sampled some of the 17 year Whisky. Very nice on a cold morning. Next we saw Glasgow, doing a open-topped bus tour and visiting the incredible Transport Museum.

Today we are seeing the Loch.

Oh dear, just saw a chap in a suit take a nasty stack on the ice outside. A more serious version of Anna’s graceful tumble on our way in, after watching me have a little slip too. Turns out ice can be dangerous. Who knew?

Anyways, great to hear everyone’s feedback (hint hint). We’re having a great time. See you all soonish.

Tom and Anna


2 thoughts on “Day 10: Loch LO-mond”

  1. Hi Tom and Anna – it is so good to hear how you are doing. Can’t wait to hear about nessie at LOmond. Get a good photo. We in Australia are a bit preoccupied by the terrible news coming in about Victorian bushfires – must be hard to imagine when you are covered in snow. Sorry I forgot to brief you about ice being slippery. Please be careful. Lots of love


  2. Hi guys, great to hear the updates šŸ™‚ You look so cold in the pic Anna! Have read your novel Tom, and Cath and I are both big fans. We are glad we can log onto this blog during work time…. Sadly we can’t pay you either but will purchase copies of the best seller once it hits the shelves.
    Good luck with the job Tom and say hi to nessy for me šŸ˜‰


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