Well, they said I need to start a blog like I need a hole in the head. I though this over. I have five holes in my head. Undeniable proof that the WWW was just screaming of for another place for me to spout my well crafted prose. No doubt this will be the most successful orifice yet.

So welcome to anlezark.com.au. More than just a bit of HTML and PHP bound together with string and dried snot, anlezark.com.au is a place that I can call my own. And, I hope, a place that you can my own too. I hope you enjoy youself. Please feel free to steal the pictures.


One thought on “About”

  1. Hello Tom

    Just found this site – it’s VERY Tom – well couldn’t be anything other could it – really great to see you thriving in the big world out there!! lovely photos of you and Anna – Justin is in Hong Kong for a twelve month period working with Crossroads International as a volunteer – Nathan left school last year and si working for various mining companies while waiting for a full time job here in Mount Isa with Xstrata mining company – Merlin and I own and operate a garden centre in Mount Isa (you may remember your Dad visited us here a year or so ago) We are generally enjoying life here in the dry outback (again) We had the Elders from Tahlee (do you remember them?) here with us for a couple of days just recently – they were travelling on a big BMW dirt bike – real adventure for them – they left Adelaide and rode up the middle to the rock and Alice Springs then up into the QLD Gulf country to a cattle station where they did a week’s volunteer work – then back to home via Bourke & Broken Hill – 8550 kms all up – great time of year to do it though – nice and cool up here –

    Well – all the best and may God bless you both always –
    See Ya


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