Here is a collection of all of the limericks contained on this blog. I’m a bit of a fan of the genre and a purest also. Rhythm and rhyme need to be precise. That’s what make limericks so good. As with so many things, the Wikipedia has a nice overview on the topic to be found here. Sorry, not there, here.

This one comes from my entry on imaginary numbers:

There once was a chap called Bombelli
Who buried himself in red jelly.
He drew up a chart
of the lives of Descartes,
and also Evangelista Torricelli.

“Descartes” is correctly pronounced “day-CART”. Doing so will futher boost your success at geek parties and on Temptation.

And prompted this:

There once was a man called Descartes
Who breakfasted at a K-Martes
The eggs, over-easy,
made him a bit queezy
And the baked bean caused him to f…eel sick as well.

And this one won me two movie tickets in an ebay Limerick contest:

An active ebayer named Smith
Came back from his letterbox with
Shrek, Ace Ventura,
The Rock and The Juror,
And Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

And these are ones I made up randomly:

There once was a doctor named Patrick
Whose patients were all psychiatric
He cured in one session
Three men from depression
He now claims that he scored a hat-trick

There once was a fellow called Flanagan
Who wanted to be a young man again.
He said with a grin
“I shall never give-in”
And whenever he failed he began again.


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