SGR has moved…

To say that I haven’t written anything here for five months and three days would be exaggerating. A little. But truth be told, I’ve been a little slack with the upkeep of this little corner of the WWW. SO I thought to myself, Tom, I said, Tom, why don’t we get back into blogging. Make a fresh start. Do it a couple of times a week like a good blogger should. Keep it up to date. Run a spell-check once in a while. And that is what I did. I have recommitted to the blog. A blog for the people. By me.

I also decided on a bit of a change of format. I thought I could make it a bit more journally, a bit more personal – where people could read about the real Tom. And to that end, I decided to have a name change. The spirit of SGR lives on, but under a different moniker. Today Tom Wrote is that rose by another name, so to speak, still smelling just as sweet. Sandgate Road will stay. (Perhaps I could bundle the entries into a paperback?) But the future of my bloggery can be found at

So hurry over, I’ve got the kettle on and a warm spot saved for you next to the fireplace. Bring with you all your fond memories of Dr Aunty Joan, geekery and hot beverages. Say your goodbyes to the old girl and I’ll see you there!


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