If you’ve survived more then a few weeks on this Earth, I’m sure you would have, at some point, consumed some food. Along with oxygen, water, love, and a comfortable pair of shoes, food is critical for our survival.

Presumably if you, like me, are relatively well off (I mean in the grand scheme of things – you have the internet after all), then food may not seem as important for survival as other things. When you sit down to lunch, you don’t say: “Gad, I must eat this, lest I perish”, you’re far more likely to just eat up, and then maybe say “I wonder if I should have had the chicken instead…”

Food is a social cornerstone of our society. Unlike other bodily functions which must be executed in privacy, eating food is almost always a public affair. Whenever possible we dine with company, only alone when we need to.

Where is my point leading?

Nowhere in particular, but I will leave you with this recipe for a delicious and novel snack which is cheap, healthy and fun to make.

Two Minute Noodle Omelet


1 packet of two minute noodles (You can get 99% Fat free varieties)

1 or 2 eggs

1.5 dashes of milk or cream (if you like)

Herbs, spices, other things you might put in an omelet. (Today I’m going to try sweet chili sauce and fresh chopped coriander.)

What to do…

1. Cook the 2-minute noodles as per instructions. For a bit of texture, cook them a little al dente, a tiny bit underdone.

2. Drain the noodles and add the egg, herbs, spices, etc. Mix well taking care not to break up the noodles too much.

3. Add the omelet mixture to a hot, greased, non-stick pan and cook on either side.

4. Serve


2 thoughts on “Food”

  1. Hello Tom Bob Guru!It was so lovely to see you again last week. I must say (and also can quite confidently add from my family) that we had an absolutely fabo week. At least we have “Sandgate Road” to get our Tom fix!Thank you as well for sharing your interesting receipe. I must say however that we down here in what seems to be the most rainy city of Adelaide (not complaining of course) have found a most fantastic cooking appliance. It will probably end up in the growing dead kitchen appliance cupboard (It is quite a feat to have such a cupboard as we have what is described in real estate speak as a “compact kitchen”). The most exciting kitchen gadget that I speak of is… an ELECTRIC rice cooker. We have upgraded from the stove top to the microwave rice cooker (that makes an absolute mess – which is rather a fuss when it comes to washing up) and now to the electric rice cooker (that was only $27.95 from Big W – Bargin!). I must admit while my cooking skills are not that flash, even with the fool proof microwave version, this thing-a-me-jig makes perfect rice every time! I even made Risotto on Monday night. It actually tasted K! At least I will be able to feed you something (and you too Mum and Dad – as I know that you will be reading this) when you come to visit!Anyway – nothing really else to add since I saw you last week. Until later – have a GREAT dayNicole 🙂


  2. Hey Tom,Since you say no real people leave you comments, I thought I’d better comment here rather than email ……. but I can’t really comment on your article, as I have never been a fan of 2 minute noodles ….. and I can honestly say I have never thought “I should have had the chicken instead” (is there an ‘instead’ when it comes to chicken?!?).No, mainly I thought I should say thank you for providing my much needed coffee this week (I’m sure coffee comes under that essential food category).Anyways, have to run …….. will catch you later,Suse


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